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Rabbit’s Fantastically Complicated Asymmetrical Vest: A Reference Guide

RABBIT. Y YOUR VEST SO COMPLICATED. but it’s really pretty so i guess we’ll let it slide. none of the pictures are mine, i’m pretty sure at least 5 of them are trekkiebeth’s but if one is yours lemme know and i’ll credit you here. 

(edit: the picture with the obvious watermark that i somehow didn’t see belongs to this awesome person: dan regal. show him some love!)

also, if anyone knows where one can find buttons that look anything like rabbit’s PLEASE let me know. i’m on a quest. for buttons. (i’m kind of a big deal.) 

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    I want one
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    Actually they are covered buttons, you would just get a kit (I think dritz has a covered button kit) and the desired red...
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    i’m just sitting here and staring at the picture in the middle row, far right because jesus fuck bunny you shouldn’t...
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    HOLD UP. HOW LONG HAS IT HAD A POCKET?? WAtasuyfg;df my life is a lie
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    unrelated thought: if bunny made a book of just her hands in different poses, i would buy that so fast i’d have it...
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    SO THAT’S WHAT IT’S CALLED. I thought it was a peacoat! And gosh, if you think the front is complicated, wait ‘til you...
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